Our animals are family to us. And just like our human families, they grow older as time passes. Many of our dear animal friends retire after the long journey we take together and we let them enjoy their retirement years in peace and comfort. We also raise young ones, rescue animals and adopt them in case of emergencies.

Many people ask us how they can help in our quest of protecting wildlife and creating a humane and comfortable environment for our beloved animal friends.

For this reason we have established a foundation – Foundation for the Protection of European Wildlife – to which donations can be made easily in a safe and transparent way. We want to make sure that every penny is spent for our wildlife protection activities as well as the well-being of our family of animals and of those we rescue or foster.


You can donate in the links below – we make sure that all contributions will serve the wolves, bears and our rescue and adoption program of wild animals.

Europa Vadvilaganak Megmenteseert Alapitvany / Foundation for the Protection of European Wildlife