Wolves are one of the most fantastic and many time misunderstood animals in the world that have captured the imagination of many people. We understand that many of them long for an encounter with real wolves, and one of our mission is to dispel the unjustified fears about these wonderful creatures. Others are keen to get to know our famous movie animals they have seen on the silver screen – we can make it happen.

Dori is the “foster mother” of many wolves born and living in our Center and she is also active in our training and filming activities as head animal trainer. She is our tour specialist who is a Master in Biology and a PhD in Wild Animal Farming. Rest assured, she can answer all your questions about wolves and can show you the magnificent world of wild animals.

We are pleased to present you our film wolves and other animals, and also happy to show you some of the stuff we do in films. You can learn about their history, behaviour and we also try to get you as close to these magnificent animals as we can.

We also accommodate private photo sessions for amateurs and professionals. Please contact us for available dates.

Usually we can accommodate tours once every week, if time permits. As we have many assignments we have to complete, sometimes we cannot accept visitors. Please consult the diary below for available dates.

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We are open every second Friday from 14.00 – 17.00

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