Effective July 1, 2020

Royalty-Free License Agreement

  1. Your Rights

We, Complex System Solutions GmbH., the owner of horkai.com, horkaistock.com, horkai.net, grant you a perpetual, worldwide right to incorporate the Stock Files you obtain from us into any work you create.

This is a Standard License (the “License”). Our Standard License is written for and indemnifies you, the individual person making a purchase on our website www.horkai.com, or the entity or company you work for.

For any Stock Files you obtain from us, you may incorporate them into any project, commercial or otherwise, including feature films, commercials, broadcast, educational, print, multimedia, games, merchandise, and the internet.

Once you incorporate a Stock File into your project, you can share your finished project freely, but you may not share the underlying individual Stock File as a standalone file with anyone. (That said, if you are working on a project and need to show someone else, such as a client, one of our files for the sole purpose of getting their input on whether or not to incorporate the file into your project, that is perfectly fine. But they cannot use the stock file themselves for any other purpose unless they obtain their own license.) You also agree to use your best efforts to avoid letting the Stock File be accessible to others as a standalone file.

Our Stock Files may include videos and photos. This License covers all Stock Files obtained from our platform. Keep in mind that this License is limited in certain ways, as explained below, and it is neither exclusive to you nor transferrable to others.

  1. Our Guarantee

We promise that if you use our Stock Files as described in this License, your use will not infringe on the rights (such as copyrights) of a third party. The copyrights of each Stock File are in every case the sole propriety of Complex System Solutions GmbH, the owner of horkai.com.

  1. Basic Limitations

  1. You cannot sell, license, or redistribute our Stock Files, nor can you build your own stock media site with our files. You cannot create a trademark or logo based on our Stock Files, since that could block other customers from using the Stock Files. Finally, you cannot use Stock Files to harm minors, to encourage violence, or for an unlawful purpose, such as defamation.

  1. You can only use the purchased Stock file in one single project (assignment, feature film, commercial, etc.), commercial or otherwise, including feature films, commercials, broadcast, educational, print, multimedia, games, merchandise, and the internet. If you intend to use the purchased Stock Files for more than one project (assignment, feature film, commercial, etc.) of yours you must buy the license again.

  1. We want to make sure people are not abusing our content to stockpile large numbers of clips without intending to actually use them in upcoming projects. For this reason, you cannot use automation, such as computer scripts, to download or “scrape” high volumes of Stock Files, nor can you do so manually if your intent is simply to stockpile content. (People often ask what we mean by “high volumes” of clips. Although this is a case-by-case determination, as a rule of thumb, it is perfectly fine to download a few dozen of our most beautiful clips that you think might be useful in the future. By contrast, downloading 100 files at once without intending to use them anytime soon would qualify as abuse.)

If any of these limitations are too stringent for your business needs, or you just really like getting attorneys involved, we can create a custom license structure that works for your business and budget. You can contact our team at office@horkai.com to discuss a special licensing agreement.

As a reminder, a person or company needs a license to download or access standalone Stock Files, but once those files are incorporated into a final project, that project can be distributed commercially and freely shared with others, including your clients or company, and no separate license is needed for those recipients as long as you are not giving them access to standalone Stock Files.

This Agreement will be governed by the laws of Switzerland, excluding its body of law relating to conflicts of law and copyright law. If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid, the other provisions will not be affected. You must be of legal age to enter this Agreement.