Feature Films

Title Director Animals Year 
Mauser Fatih Özcan wolves 2019
The First King Matteo Rovere red deer stag, wolves 2018
Midsommar Ari Aster bear 2018
Father wolves 2018
Ich war zuhause, aber… Angela Schanelek dog, donkey, rabbits 2018
Short Stories Attila Szasz deers 2017
Werewolf Adrian Panek dogs 2017
Tiger Zinda Hai Ali Abbas Zafar wolves 2017
Eternal Winter Attila Szasz wolves 2017
On Body and Soul Ildiko Enyedi red deer 2016
Kojot Mark Kostyal red deer stag 2015
November Rainer Sarnet wolves, goat, pig 2015
La Pelle dell’ Orso Marco Segato bear 2015
Grain Semih Kaplanoglu wolves 2014
The Erlprince Kuba Cekaj wolves 2014
Brothers of the Wind Gerardo Olivares, Otmar Penkar wolves 2014
Wild Nicolette Krebitz wolves 2014
A galamb papné László Vitézy deers 2013
Hercules Brett Ratner wolves 2013
Mahmut ile Meryem Mehmet Ada Öztekin wolves 2012
L’Homme qui Rit (aka “The man who laughs”) Jean-Pierre Ameris wolves 2012
Home (aka “Dom”) Oleg Pogodin wolves 2011
The Borgias Neil Jordan deers 2011
Dracula 3D Dario Argento wolves 2011
The Rite Mikael Hafstrom cats, frogs 2010
The Raven James McTeigue raven, badger 2010
Anonymous Roland Emmerich bears, dogs 2010
Az Ajtó (aka “The Door”) István Szabó dogs, cats, birds 2010
The Eagle of the Ninth Kevin McDonald wolves, dogs, mules, cattle, household animals 2009
The Season of The Witch Dominic Sena wolves 2009
The Way Back Peter Weir wolves 2009
Magic Boys Robert Koltai bear 2009
Cedres et Sang Fanny Ardant wolves 2008
Barbarossa Renzo Martinelli wild boars 2008
The Investigator (aka “A nyomozó”) Attila Galambos wolves, cat 2007
The Secret of Moonacre Gabor Csupo horses, dogs, hawk, snake, rabbit 2007
Hellboy II. – The Golden Army Guillermo del Toro dogs, cats, birds 2007
The Hunting Party Richard Shepherd foxes 2006
Eragon Stefen Fangmeier deers, wild boar 2005
Blood and chocolate Katja von Garnier wolves 2005
An American Haunting Courtney Solomon wolves, deer 2004
Fateless (aka Sorstalanság) Lajos Koltay bear 2004
Dallas Pashemende Robert-Adrian Pejo bear 2004
Spy Game Tony Scott dog 2002


Title Produced by Animals Year
Woman of Mafia Partyk Vega bear 2018
Our Little Village RTL bear 2018
Babylon Berlin – Season 3 SKY red deer 2018
The Sanctuary Boreales wolves, bear 2018
Ransom – 2nd season wolves 2018
Au bonheur des vaches Morgane Production wolves 2017
St. Josef am Berg Mona Film bear 2017
Prodigies Boreales wolves, deer, bear 2017
The Zone – Season I Movistar+ wolves 2017
Vivre avec les loups Guillaume Maidachevsky wolves, wild-boar, raven 2016
Jamestown – Season I Netflix wolves 2016
Babylon Berlin – Season I-II SKY dogs, red deer 2016
Marco Polo –  Season II HBO wolves 2015
Die Odyssee der einsamen Wölfe Arte wolves, wild-boar, bear 2015
WATAHA HBO bear, wolves 2013
Bear Grylls – Discovery Channel Discovery bear 2013
Shouldn’t be Alive Animal Planet / Discovery Channel bear, wolves 2009
High Tatra Universum bear, wolf, wild boar, deer 2006
And man created animals Tele Images wolves, deer, bear 2005
Manhunters BBC – Natural History Unit wolves 2005
Jagd in Österreich Universum wild boar 2004
History of Europe BBC – Natural History Unit wolves, bear, wild boar 2004
Puszta Universum wolves, bear, wild boar, horses 2003
Plitvicze National Park – Land of falling lakes Universum wolves, wild-boar, bear 2002
Land of the moose (Swe) Scandinature wolves 2001
The Alps (Austria) Universum/ORF/Canal+ wolves, bear, fox, raven 2000-2001
Siberia (Swe) Eric Fenstrom (Scandinature) bear, wolves 1999
ÖTZI (Austria) Universum/ORF bear, wolf, lynx 1998-1999
Bienen (Austria) Universum bear 1998
18 various natural history films wolves, bear, deer, wildboar, etc. 1996-1999


Production Produced by Animals Year
BAG – Organspende Kampagne Stories bear 2019
Allen Solly Getshot deer stag 2019
Pellenc Film Positive wildboars 2018
Mercedes-Benz Bakery bear 2018
Audi Tuna Fish wolves 2018
Scania Nafta deer 2018
Allen Solly Allfilm deer stag 2018
Allatini Brightshoe wolves 2018
G&B Academy Films wolves 2017
Theodora Quelle Picture Base red deer stag, fox, rabbit, raccoon 2016
EDEKA Tempomedia jackdaw 2016
Apple – iPhone 7 Icon Films red deer stag 2016
Coyote Frame Films wolves 2016
Telenor Hungary Popfilm reindeer 2015
Swarowski Hafele red deer stag, hunting dogs 2015
Magnum U Itch I Scratch wolves 2015
Bauli Laokoon Films reindeer 2015
Telering Austria Seven bear 2014
Almonature – The Promise Laokoon Films wolves 2014
ZDF –  Winter Olympics commercial Bakery wolves 2013
Mercedes-Benz Pioneer deer 2013
Blikk magazine Mokofilm bears 2013
Tata (car) PPM bears 2012
Fabulous Magazine Progressive Productions wolves 2012
Opel Glassfilm deer 2012
Grundfos FilmPositive wolves 2012
Coors Beer Orlando wolves 2012
Coors Beer Division bear 2011
Raiffeisen Bank BPAnim Holding cats 2011
Chicco Mendips Productions reindeer 2011
Prostamol BPAnim Holding dogs 2010
Coca-Cola Target Pictures bear 2009
Jagermeister Laokoon Films red deer stag 2009
Timberland Unit Pictures bear, wolves, wild boars 2008
Eristoff Vodka Unit Pictures wolves 2008
Mercedes-Benz Domino wasps 2008
Lager beer Domino bear 2008
Kozel beer FilmPositive goat 2007
Telenet FilmPositive bears 2007
Sony Pioneer wolves, deer 2007
Eristoff Vodka Dawson wolves 2006
Darling DDB cat 2006
T-systems Y&R Team duck 2006
Funeral for a Friend Laurinfilm wolves 2005
Henkel Y&R Team bear 2005
T-systems Y&R Team dogs 2004
Volkswagen Rabbit I’m film wolf, rabbit 2003
NOX (Hun) Idea Produkció wolves 2002
Interspar Y&R Team dogs 2002
Budapest Market (Hun) pigeons 2002
Domestos (Hun) Y&R Team 21 various 2002
Hungarit Mccan Ericson chicken, hen 2000
Rotkäppchen (Germany) n/a wolves 1999
Various commercials 1997-2002

Other productions

Event Producer Animals Year
Big Brother TV2 (SBS) camel 2003
Big Brother TV2 (SBS) turkey, dogs, parrots 2002
Tropical Days n/a monkeys, reptiles and tropical birds 2003
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