The wild boar is one of the most popular fair games in Hungary, but very few people are aware of its behaviour.

There are 30 wild boars at the HORKAI Animal Training Center in herds of different size and combination.

In the nature the leader sow stands on the top of the herd who is the eldest and most experienced sow. In captivity where the sows are kept together with the bigger males usually the largest males will be the leaders of the herd. It is the same at the Center: Sany and Lali the two eldest boars are the leaders of two groups. But while our relation is perfect with Lali, working with is as smooth as an operator, you must think twice before going in to Sanyi’s territory. The difference comes from the personality of the two animals: their raising circumstances were identical.

Hand raising a wild boar is not an easy task. The piglets require their milk portions every 3 hours with loud squeaking, not sparing our rest in the middle of the night also. With wild boars it’s not necessary to take them away from their mother as the small ones will be tame with a tame mother.

The members of the herd live in a very close relationship, frequent body contact is typical of them. This characteristic is often applied to us also: Yoda, the mini pig living in the flat can sleep only snuggling up to somebody tightly.
The basis of their orientation is mostly sound and smell, their eyesight is rather weak. You should not let their dumpy and slightly clumsy body mislead you, they are very fast runners.

You may also misunderstand their intention if you do not know them well. If a wild boar living in the Centre sprints squealing towards somebody, and when getting to him pushes him over with spinning-top movement, you should not get frightened: the boar is only playing. But if it approaches with standing bristles, sliding slightly (hipshot), then it’s worth looking for a nearby suitable object that you can jump on…

In the course of shooting training has a much more important role: they are not willing to work until spending days in the strange and new environment. So it is of primary importance to introduce the animal to the scene of his prospective workplace already days before the project.