In case of birds a lot depends on the desired scene. First we have to select the race of the suitable bird, the actual casting can only be the next step.

For prey birds it is necessary to know the route and directions of the bird’s flight (straight, drizzly, skew) and the different conditions that determine the task. Many times an accurate race definition cannot be given, we are only informed about the task and casting the most suitable bird for it is our task. After selection we have to start training to reach the desired condition.

Meat as a motivational tool works only for a short time for prey birds. They can get full in a short period of time so we must be careful to work only with very tiny pieces of meat and later as the attention decreases we can try with larger pieces. Just like with most of the animals we usually work with more birds as scenes require several takes most of the time.

In case of parrots the most important thing is to be able to stand in hand, hence being raised by man since the age of nestling and be dealt with continuously is of outmost importance.