In the past 20 years the HORKAI Animal Training Center has earned a leading role in the Hungarian and international film industry in the fields of animal training and coordination with its wild and domesticated animals.

banner_pic_11The HORKAI Animal Training Center has nearly two decades of experience in animal training, casting and filming. In 2004 we decided to split the animal protection activities of the company and the division that is responsible for filming activities and with that for financing our non-profit functions. This is how the HORKAI Animal Training Center came alive – and with the leadership of Zoltan HORKAI its core function is to design, co-ordinate and cast animal actions in movies, commercials and natural history documentaries. 

The HORKAI Animal Training Center has become one of the leading supplier of the Hungarian and international TV and film industry mainly as a result of Zoltan’s training and coordination method built on natural motivation, and also to the Team’s high quality working standards and organisation. 


Dora has graduated from biology faculty of the ELTE University in Budapest. She got in contact with wolves of the HORKAI Animal Training Center while completing her thesis. Spending more and more time with the wolves, raising, nursing and educating them she gradually became an indispensable member of the team.

Meanwhile she obtained her second degree in wild animal farming at the Godollo University where she received  her PhD at the Institute for the Preservation of Wildlife. She has an unrivalled relationship with most of the animals at the Center.

Moreover she is Zoltan’s wife and the loving mother of their two beautiful children.



Zoltan is the founder and leader of the HORKAI Animal Training Center. His educational and professional background is the guarantee for the high standards maintained by the Center. His personality and his relationship with the animals as well as his concept in animal training (natural motivation) is the standard for the whole team.
Zoltan finished his university studies in Austria and the United States, speaks fluently and makes presentations and seminars in English and German. Through his remarkable professional track record in animal casting and training he is well-known all over Europe and the USA. He has 15 years of practice in training wolves and other animals and provides consulting and supplies trained animals for movies, commercials and natural history films since 1995.
For three years from 1998 Zoltan led a bear sanctuary outside Budapest, where 34 brown bears enjoyed the undisturbed nature and a continuous medical care at 3,5 acres at the time. Recently he rather focuses his activity on socializing and training wolves and studying their behaviour in human surroundings.
The HORKAI Animal Training Center is located own a 3,5 acres farm 27 km far from Budapest. This site has been established in the late 1960’s for animal film productions. Today more than 100 animals share this territory in harmony.
Zoltan is one of the leading personalities in the Hungarian animal training and coordination scene and he is a regular guest lecturer at numerous seminars and presentations both in Hungary and abroad.




Peter is responsible for the business management of the HORKAI Animal Training Center. He graduated at the Washington State University and speaks fluent English. For more than a decade he worked as a freelance management consultant and has an impressive track record of successfully completed organisational and business development projects.
Since 2002 he has been closely working with Zoltán in the management and organisation of filming projects. As he has been in close contact with the animals for the past 15 years he occasionally also takes part in animal training and co-ordination for film productions.
Peter manages the business activities of the HORKAI Animal Training Center from their office in Budapest.



Adam takes part in the work of the HORKAI Animal Training Center for about 15 years. As a professional photographer he started with photographing the animals. But through this he became obsessed with these magnificent creatures and started taking an active part in training and film shooting. Due to his other professional engagements he takes only part in selected projects, but his unique relationship with the wolves helps a great deal both in training and filming.


Gyorgy is the jolly joker of the HORKAI Animal Training Center. He understands and makes himself understood with most kinds of animals but his main interest lies in birds. He takes part in most bird-related jobs and he raises his own birds at home. He also takes part in every project involving bears and wild-boars, and he works well with foxes and other small predators.

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